"Thanks so much for all the coaching, support, friendship, and letting me ride your wonderful horse, Jennifer Moore. K.H Facebook message

"I had a great lesson the past weekend with Jenn and had an awesome time, and would do it all over again!" A.H. chat group

"Had an absolutely fantastic lesson tonight!! Successful 3"3. Feeling great! Thank you Jenn!!" R.H. Facebook message

"Would like to take this time to tell you how much you have helped me.  I have only been your student for about a month, and you have already taught me an incredible amount and given me back my confidence.  Since I have been stuck for such a long time it is a relief to have found you.  It has been such a pleasure to be a student of yours, and I am very excited for the show season!  Thanks so much Jenn, -----.” E.K. email

"Thanks Jenn! Can't wait to get to know him better! I will work hard to figure him out. So lucky I found you both! Your barn is much more the vibe I like than the other I was riding at in the area."  K.H. text message

"Thanks Jennifer Moore for being such a great supporting coach!!  I can imagine how hard it is sometimes!!!" R.C. Facebook Group page

"...tonight when I was jumping him I've never felt more confident, I wasn't afraid at all because I knew he would take me over the jump every time and look after me!...I'm so happy to be able to ride him again and I thought I should say thank you and say how amazing a horse he is!"  I.L. text message

"A huge thankyou to the best coach, mentor, "second mom", and friend anyone could ask for, Jennifer Moore.  We don't know what we would do without you.  Thankyou for everything you do and being you!!" E.K. Facebook message

"...She won't go anywhere without you" and "...She has learned so much it's hard to believe." G.C. text message

"Had an awesome lesson on -------- tonight. Did bounces and jump a single 2'9 for the first time with --------. So proud hers and mines progress. Thanks Jennifer Moore for the great lesson and being a great coach!" C.K. Facebook message

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